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Choose Wellington, Choose Success.

Experienced and Resourceful Tutors

Our tutors are experts in their specialist fields, with impressive degrees and public examination results from top institutions around the world.  With combined experience measured in decades and proven track records, many students have already supercharged their learning experience with us.

Tailored Learning

No two students are alike so our friendly tutors will help you learn and advance in a way that suits your style and goals.  Public exams expect one standard to work the same way on hundreds of thousands of students – we will show you what difference flexibility and customised learning can make.

Exam Skills Specialists

Instead of just learning the content of your subjects, learn how to SCORE POINTS on real test paper questions with the right exam tackling technique!  We will tell you how to break down complicated questions and accurately apply the knowledge you have.  Be prepared to crush the exams with us!

Small Group Size

We limit the size of our course to a maximum of 4 and it means that each student will be able get individual help with their unique problem areas. They can therefore progress at a much faster rate than attending any other institute.

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